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What is Parents' Club
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Parents' Club is a major contributor to our student activities and all parents, grandparents, and guardians are welcome to participate.   Some of the many things they provide are Good Behavior rewards each trimester for our students, planners for our upper grade students, funds for 6th grade camp, and scholarships for former Pleasant Grove students graduating from high school. In addition, they have helped to purchase technology equipment and materials for classrooms.
Click THINGS WE DO for a list of what we have planned for 2021-22

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Labor Day Parade

We kick off our school year with a community Labor Day Parade which is held in Nicolaus.  Our TK/K class creates a float based on parade theme, and the TK/K class rides on the float through the parade, while parents walk beside the float throwing candy to the crowd.  After the parade, stay to enjoy the parade with your friends and family; there are many food booths, vendors/crafters, kid's area with games, live music.

This event is a big fundraiser for all the local schools, so plan to spend the day supporting your school and community!

Harvest Dinner

Harvest Dinner at Pleasant Grove School is a BIG event! There is lots of planning that goes into this event each year.  To start, each classroom comes up with a "theme" for their classroom basket, parents donate items for the basket, and the night of Harvest Dinner, these baskets are live auctioned, and the money then goes back to each class. 

In addition to the classroom baskets, Parent's Club works hard to gather many prizes for big raffle.  Also there is an area set up for vendors/crafters to sell, student council sets up an area for children's games.  And all this happens while we BBQ a fabulous tri tip dinner! This is the biggest fundraiser for Pleasant Grove School, and a 50+ year community event.  Make sure to mark your calendar, you won't want to miss it!

Last day of school

Our last day of school is a fun filled day!!  We start the day with a frog jump which all students can participate.  Students find all sorts of frogs, from big bull from to little tree frogs.  There is a competition to see whose frog can jump the farthest.  Lots of fun to watch!! 

After the frog jump, we go inside for the last awards assembly of the year.  Then the students will have an all school recess.

Next we set up for our BBQ lunch.  We will have hot dogs, chips, watermelon and water.  Parents are invited and encouraged to join us for this fun filled last day of school!

Lastly please remember to check out with your teachers to receive your report cards.

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2021 - 2022 Officers
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You may contact the Parents' Club at

Melissa Smith
- President    (916) 289-0295          
Amber Niegel  - Vice President   (530) 701-6321   
Rachel Tanger - Secretary   (916) 521-8100            
Heather Tolentino - Treasurer       (916) 215-7577
You can also check out the PG PC Facebook page click here.

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                                                   box tops for education logo     SunnyD Logo

We will be collecting Box Tops all year long!

Sign up here for Bonus Box Tops, Contests and more:

To see participating products click here.  See our welcome letter here.

 Sunny D Labels have shorter collection time, but this has been a great way to get books for our school for the last two years.

Please mark the bag or sheet with your child's name/grade.

For more information, click here.

Thank you for your support

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  • Shoparoo App - Available in Apple App Store or in Google Play.  Download app to your device and setup when prompted for code enter: juss9516.  All you have to do is start snapping pics off all grocery and retail receipts and the school earns money.
  • Box Tops - - clip box tops from participating General Mills products and send them to school with your child.  Enroll online and enter into sweepstakes to earn extra boxtops for the school.  
  • Office Depot - School I.D.# 70012456 - purchase made in store please give the school I.D # at register when checking out.
  • Kellogg's - - enter participating codes off of Kellogg's products and earn points.  Points can be donated to school.
  • Tyson Foods A+ program - clip the Tyson Project A+ labels from participating products and send them to school with your child.

Please contact Bobbi Ginn (916) 521-1498 with any questions. Thank you for helping support the Parents club and helping us earn money for our school!

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Other Ways to Help Out
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  • Click here to see all the ways you can help out.