School Reopening 2020/2021

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update 10/23/20
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Dear PG Families,
I have some good news to share, I hope families find it to be positive.  I will say things change day by day and if I had any idea we would receive this news, I certainly would not have stirred our families up with my email on Monday with our A/B or AM/PM options. 
I met with Dr. Luu personally yesterday to review our waiver request.  It was a very positive meeting and I received some very good feedback.  There are edits to make from her recommendations which were completed today.  The process is to return the waiver to her for her provisional approval and she will send it to the state for CDPH to approve.  Our waiver should be approved by the state and we will be ready to open November 2nd with some groups. The waiver is for K-5, but we will be bringing back our 6-8 under the red tier in an identical fashion. Keep your fingers crossed
Distance learning opportunities will be very limited as our teachers will be teaching all day in class.  More than likely if you choose distance learning, your child will be working on independent assignments most of the day.  Each teacher will be reaching out to the parents in their class to determine individual needs.  As they reach out and we finalize our delivery plans, please know there will be no jumping between in person and distance learning.  Once you make a decision, it will remain in place until Christmas Break.  For example, if you choose distance learning, you have to continue distance learning until January.  Following Christmas break, you will have an opportunity to switch.  The next time to switch will be the end of the trimester.
The recommendations from county health have been clear and consistent as far as opening, go slow!  Meaning don’t bring everyone back at once. Our goal is to have all students back on campus full days eventually and offering transportation to some degree.  Upon the advice of public health, we will be returning slow with minimum days until at least Thanksgiving, to allow everyone to get back in the swing of school with masks and the social distancing.  We will be attending 8:00-12:00 (arrival and dismissal times may be staggered).  We will begin on November 2nd with our 5th-8th grade students followed by our K-4th grade students the following week.  We hope to train our older students to be models for the younger students when they return.  We will assess progress as we go and determine when the days will move to full days.  Hopefully the weeks before Thanksgiving will go smoothly.  It will take a big effort on the part of our families to keep your children home with the slightest symptoms.
Other topics to be aware of:
  • Masks will be required for grades 3-8 and highly recommended for grades K-2
  • 6’ social distancing will be implemented
  • Daily health questions must be answered by the parent and temperatures will be taken daily
  • Students will not be allowed to attend in person if they have a fever, or any cold/flu symptoms, including runny noses, sore throats, coughs, etc.
  • Transportation will not be available
  • Daycare will not be offered
  • Kindergarten will have AM/PM sessions
  • Meals will not be served daily, but continue for the week on Wednesdays 
As always, please do not hesitate to contact us for any questions.
Dave Tarr

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